Phra Ajahn Jamnian Seelasetho is a charismatic monk; happy, wise, and playful. He teaches with limitless energy and boundless love and compassion.  He teaches many different insight meditation methods (Vipassana), all of which directs the person back to seeing and understanding the impersonal process of mind and the body, which are in flux with changing, unsatisfactory, and empty of self.  He encourages us to continuously explore the presence of desire and aversion in the mind.  He tells us every situation is an opportunity to practice “steering ourselves back to the Middle Path”.  A living meditation practice, in which the development of insight pervades every aspect of our life and not just the hours devoted to meditation, is a “life long process of constant observation and continuous investigation.”



Oregon Ariyamagga Okasati Refuge

A Buddhist center and hermitage in Oregon, USA to learn and practice the teachings of the Buddha in the lineage of Luang For Jamnian.


Mahasati Retreat Association

A group dedicated to sharing Luang Por Jamnian's teachings through retreats and other activities in the West.

Australia Retreats

A group supporting Luang Por's retreats and teachings in Australia

About This Site

This website is created with the auspicious blessings of Luang For Jamnian to serve as a central hub for communicating Luang Por's teachings and activities as he teaches around the world.