A brief introduction of Luang Por Jamnian

Luang Por’s Powerful Chants

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Teachings with English Translations


Thailand – June 2019

The following videos are taken during the retreat in June 2009 in Thailand for Luang Por’s western students (English with Thai translation).

Causes for Wisdom to Arise
Stream Entry Practices and Clarifications
Transcendence & Supernatural Power
The Eye of Wisdom
Anger and Practicing with the Mind
Mara and Metta
Emptiness, Knowing, and Consciousness
Peace in the Heart * Accepting What-is
Practicing the Dhamma
The Paths to Liberation
Cultivating a Powerful Mind

USA – October 2018 (over the phone)

In this recording, Luang Por’s long-time students gathered in California to talk to Luang Por via phone in Thailand. The two plus hour conversation that ensued is rich with clarifications for the practitioner. May All Beings Benefit

Australia – May 2017

Overviw of Vipassana & Guided Practice
Dependend Origination & Samadhi
Guided Practice Session
Mano and The Middle Way
Mano and Citta Collaboration
Mara and Clarity
Identity, Continuity, and Lokiya Samadhi
May 28th – Evening Session
Recap, citta, and past lives
May 29th – Afternoon Session

Dengan Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia

Meditasi dan Kebijaksanaan – 01
Meditasi dan Kebijaksanaan – 02
Mencari Kebahagiaan didalam Penderitaan